In a live stream of Super Smash Bros Ultimate series, Nintendo has been able to kill Luigi. Smash Bros is all about murdering key figures in the game. Nintendo has expanded on the game by adding about two new characters in the person of Richter Belmont and Simon. These characters are officially going to be added to the Castlevania game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate series

Richter remains an echo fighter and operates in a similar way like Simon but with certain personalised animations and different skin. When Nintendo Switch unleashes the game on December 7th, these characters will always be added. Richter and Simon have sophisticated weapons, including melee attacks, holy water, cross, axe and Holy Whip.

The Grand Cross remains the final smash of both Simon and Richter. In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the Dracula’s Castle will remain a new level along with new figures. As an assistant Trophy, Alucard will be joining the party as well. There will be around thirty-four music tracks to be used for the series along with several stages and innovative Castlevania characters. These features will be properly discovered when playing the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

This means that the overall number of songs to be used in the new game will exceed eight hundred. Nintendo has decided to introduce certain unique features and as well as highlight the music. As a Smash Bros Ultimate player, you will have the opportunity to listen to your favourite songs and create playlists even when the Switch screen is not functioning.

Some of the amazing characters that will be featuring the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game are Donkey Kong’s crocodile-king foe and King K. Rool. Metroid’s Dark Samus and Fire Emblem’s Chrom remain 2 echo characters that will appear in the game. In case you are saying this is all Super Smash Bros Ultimate has left, then rethink. According to a reliable source, it is confirmed that the publishing franchise will add more characters than you anticipate.

The title track of the game has been changed to Monster Dance/Bloody Tears from Game Informer. If you don’t get the concept yet, then Monster Dance and Bloody Tears represent songs that were used in Castlevania 2: Simon Quest on the NES. For a long time, the title of the game has remained altered. This may be traced back to noticing that Nintendo already has a Castlevania-oriented song to use for the game. This helps to confirm a level or Castlevania characters.

A reliable source has confirmed that a fresh new song will be used as the theme for the game. This is also a clear signal that Castlevania characters will be featuring in the next game. On the 8th of August, around 7 am, Nintendo will be having a special meeting. Probably gamers will be able to get more information about the game. Until the publishing franchise is ready to unleash the game, you can sit back and watch how things play out. Without any scintilla of doubt, gamers should expect more Castlevania characters in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game.