Gaming is a huge industry with millions of gamers who spend most of their time by playing on their respective gaming consoles. However, not everyone has the same set of requirements when it comes to choose a new PC system or Monitor for their gaming needs. Different gamers have different choices and that’s the reason why there are hundreds of choices available for you. And today, we will be reviewing the FreeSync Gaming Monitor i.e. AOC AGON AG241QX.

AOC Agon’s AG241QX is the new generation gaming monitor designed for the gamers. The Monitor comes with FreeSync feature with 144Hz image rate at 1440 Pixels of Screen Resolution for crystal clear viewing experience.

As you know, there are a lot of games which requires high-res monitor to handle the graphical interface, theis new AG24QX handles the graphical requirement of the games and offers rich UI at user’s end. If you are looking for some more information, we would be guiding you though every single detail of this new generation and the best 144hz monitor of the current period.

Agon AG241QX Hardware

The new AG241QX serves kind of a simple design yet it comes with an aggressive styling. The screen has matte anti-glare finish which looks premium enough. The bezels which come in black color are pretty slim. The bottom bezels on the screen comes with brushed matte finish.

There’s a red color Agon logo at the bottom bezel of the screen just like other Televisions and Monitors, so there is nothing much to look forward on this new generation Monitor at its hardware side.

Well, the bottom bezel has all the on display controls like other Monitors and Televisions, so you can manually control the system as per your requirement by using this on display buttons. The Power light turned white when the Monitor is on, so it looks pretty nice and adorable. The placements of these controls are also good enough to handle up the tasks.

Interestingly, the Monitor comes with a Remote Control which can be connected through a micro USB cable. So you can make use of this remote control as an alternative option instead of using the On Display Controls.

Additionally, this Gaming Monitor comes with the thinnest design measuring at about 19mm. The rear panel of the Monitor comes in two color, Black and White. The stand is placed at the middle of the screen’s back panel with screws. You can even mount the screen to the wall just like a Television.

Apart from this, the rear panel also feature 3W rounded speakers which are the built-in speakers on the Monitor. At the right side, there is a traditional 3.5mm AudioJack available. It also includes 2 USB 3.0 Ports. It also supports fast charging option to recharges the devices using USB Cable. There is a headphone hook also available on the Monitor so when the headphones are not in use, you can simply hook it up there.

At the back side, there is a DC Power Input port along with two more USB 3.0 Ports. So the Monitor comes with total 4 USB Ports which can handle up various tasks and can connect multiple compatible devices. Apart from this, there are some more useful connectivity options available such as Dual-Link DVI, HDMI 1.4 port, HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2a, VGA, 3.5mm audio out, 3.5mm microphone jack, mini-USB port etc.

Agon AG241QX Specifications

The Quad HDMonitor offers 2560 x 1440 pixels of screen resolution. You can feel the reality in the games on this system. The Monitor supports AMD FreeSync compatible Graphics Processing Unit of the PC. So you can make the most of this Monitor using a compatible PC system.

The Monitor comes with all the useful ports so you can easily connect the compatible gaming consoles to this Monitor and can make the most of it. All the compatible devices with great output are available.

The screen can be rotated as well, so you can simply change the viewing experience by rotating the screen as per your requirements. This looks pretty awesome and innovative on the new generation gaming Monitor.

Apart from this, the display comes with good image quality so you can make the most of gaming experience out of this Monitor using your compatible PC. So yes, it’s a great way to start a whole new gaming world on this system.

If we talk about the gaming side, the Monitor offers the best of gaming experience. It is the best one for the people who like to play first shooter games and different types of car racing games. It offers the best UI and you would certainly notice it on this range.

Its color and contrast are extra sharp with highest image response rates. Exploring different types of games on this Monitor show you how impressive the graphical quality it offers. It’s also a suitable game for the gamers who love to play fast paced games on their consoles.

If we talk about the pricing, the AOC Agon AG241QX is available right now for £327. You can explore various e-commerce websites from where you can order it for your PC.